Quantcast HDA CHANGE-OVER cont'd

Unscrew the two retaining screws (1) on the HDA air filter door (2).
Swing the filter door (2) outward to its fullest position, or lift it off its hinges and set aside.
Loosen the two swing-bolt knobs (3) on the HDA tray (4) by turning knobs fully counter-clockwise. Then move
the swing bolts (3) to the left and out of the way. Knobs (3) must be square to side of tray (4).
DO NOT rock HDA back and forth when removing it from the disk unit. HDA must be
pulled straight out of HDA tray. Failing to heed this caution could cause damage to
connector pins at rear of HDA.
Grasp the release/extractor handle (5) and pull forward to cause the HDA to become unconnected from the
connectors at the rear.
Grasp the handle (6) on the HDA and pull the HDA straight out.
Remove the HDA from the HDA tray (4) and carefully set the removed HDA in a secure location.
Set positioner locking screw (7) in the LOCK position.
Set the positioner locking screw (7) of the change-over HDA to the UNLOCK position.
Gently place the rear edge of the change-over HDA on the front edge of the HDA tray (4).
While firmly holding the bottom of the HDA against the left side of the HDA tray (4), slowly slide the HDA inward.
A small amount of resistance will be felt as the tray's guide pins engage the HDA
bushings. More resistance will be felt as the connectors begin to engage.
Ensure that the HDA is firmly seated in the HDA (4), then make the full connector seating by moving the swing
bolts (3) to the right and into position. Then screw the swing bolts until finger tight; ensures that the HDA is firmly
and fully seated and secured.
Close the HDA air filter door (1), tighten the door's two retaining screws (2), and position the unit's PWR
ON/PWR OFF toggle switch to PWR ON and observe that the RDY indicator lights.


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