Quantcast SEARCH Use this option to search for a particular descriptor. Once this option is selected, respond to the following prompts: ENTER  SEARCH  DIRECTION:  (U/D/A/R) U - searches upward from current cursor position to the top of the expander descriptor  list. D - searches downward from current cursor position to the bottom of the expander  descriptor  list. A - searches from the top to the bottom of the expander descriptor list. R - searches for the next occurrence of the string previously entered when there is more than one occurrence of the same string Next, ENTER is displayed above the previous STRING  TO  SEARCH prompt. Respond FOR to both prompts. B.   SAVE Use this option to save inside of the computer. TO DISK is  performed. C.   COPY   LINE changes and additions made to the exrpander list located The information is not permanently-saved until a  SAVE Once this option is selected, give the line number to copy from to the line where the cursor is presently located. D. FIND Use  this indicate E. FIND Use this LINE   # option to go to a particular line number. Once this option is selected, which line number to find. BLANK option to go to the next available blank line in the expander list. F.   REPEAT   LINE Use this option to repeat the line on which the cursor is presently located to the following line. Use this option to perform the input portion of a merge operation. An input merge operation takes data that has previously been output to a disk (see Diskette Merge, page 2-98) and places it into the current database. See Appendix G for more details. After selecting <f4> from Option, page 2-23, the BGU 2-52 Figure 2-7 in SOI Main Menu, and Figure 2-8, Input displays the screen shown in Figure 2-38.

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